Inspired by an Olympian! 

This mornings briefing was very informative for tomorrow’s event … BUT… I was totally star struck by the opportunity to meet Joanna Rowsell Shand MBE with our tour party! I can’t actually remember much from the briefing but I’ll treasure this photo of the 3 of us! 

This 2-time Olympic track cycling gold medalist with a string of world titles to her name is cycling the same event tomorrow. As we walked into the briefing today nice and early to get a seat, Joanna walked towards us to greet us both and she said “nice to see another female joining this event” as she shook my hand. I hear that only 6% of the 15000 riders are female! She spent the next 10 minutes chatting away with us both as others joined the briefing. Amazing. 

I was so excited to have met her and very inspired even more for tomorrow. Yes! We are ready! 

And oh… PS… even had a text from Froomey wishing us luck! I’m not even joking! 😂😂


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